Why Choose Us?

We are proud to offer excellent dentistry in a relaxed environment.

All of our dental professionals are members of the General Dental Council which assures you that our dental care is in your best interest and provided to a high standard.

Our dentists, hygienists, dental nurses and receptionists work together to deliver the highest standards of dentistry and exceptional patient care.

Our practice is also an accredited member of the British Dental Association. This means that we are committed to a standard of practice set by our professional association.

Do you want great teeth but hate going to the dentist?

  • Then the first thing you must do is to find a dentist you feel comfortable with and trust. A professional dentist will listen to you .
  • The second thing is to agree with your dentist on a treatment plan that works for you. Make sure you follow through with your plan and finish it. If you change your mind, speak to your dentist, remember :  there is always other options……!!!
  • The third and most important thing is to go to the dentist. Keep up with your recalls as per your dentist or hygienist recommendation. . Not just every now and again when something hurts or breaks but on a regular basis. Once or twice a year is a minimum. Our regular patients rarely have major disasters.
  • People neglect their teeth for all sorts of reasons. While cost is often given as the reason, fear, time and embarrassment are just as common.
  • Bad teeth are embarrassing for many people. Over the years we have watched people get a new lease on life from having a smile make-over.